Scale Parallax

The key for anything we might do.

Bigger Taller More Stuff

Where is it all going? The world.

There won’t be less fake news/real facts

There won’t be less corporate governance/corporate deviance

There won’t be fewer humans

There won’t be fewer computers

There won’t be fewer realities and spaces to operate

There won’t be few perspectives to triangulate

So the tech, business, art and social questions come down to?

Where is the next frontier of scale. Scale of socialization, scale of governance, scale of finding things, scale of connecting dots, scale of ethical behavior, scale of identity, scale of transactions, scale of liberty, scale of empathy, scale of life quality, scale of education…

Scale doesn’t mean BIGGER TALLER MORE STUFF. Nature has evolved many strategies for operating at various scales.

scale has more to do with ecological balance — a see saw of spacetime and connectedness, growth and retreat, effort and sacrifice and so on.

It is clear with our current geopolitical, social and technological situations we are in need of a re-configuration. It is not sustainable to have so much imbalance at different levels and with different systems. From nuclear states to economic inequalities to corporations with more cash and robots than well paid employees to hyper connected unmanageable media companies to food monopolies to quality of life vs painkillers to attention economics against 24 hrs a day.

Find the scale parallax. That’s the task.