How Fast Can I Write 10,000 Words That Aren’t Pure Noise?

This is what happens when you sit down to write with only the goal of 10,000 words.

Time Free

Started when I woke up. Typed as much as I could when I time free from regular other stuff. So in a way this is the stuff that fills the idle time between the routine stuff of living and paying bills.

Preamble on Time

Today I considered myself without myself and without time.

Yesterday nothing existed. Tomorrow the same. No point in even discussing right now as that’s all there is now.

Everything is exactly as it is. No becoming. No end. No beginning. Nothing is sensed, because nothing can be. No thing emits, no thing receives. it is exactly as it is right now.

No cause, no effect. Just is.

No I, no me, no you, no them. No distinction at all.

Is time that powerful that it must exist if anything is to exist? If anything is able to notice that something else exists?

Get in your head the strangeness that is the possibility of existence much less this particular existence. Sure we can have all sorts of theories about evolution and cosmology and quantum physics. We can articulate the sensitivity of the constants of nature and argue about dark energy and dark matter. We can construct elaborate ideas about social order and social functions and social contracts — economics of free willed entities. Phantom arms and cognitive evolution all can be discussed.

It Is All Very Very Weird

To think the spinning, whirling, fluxing of existence is this. We’re all aliens in a non sensical world.

But this is the way it was meant to be! The way it was designed! The Best of All Possible Worlds! This is the one true universe! It should be such that we arrived in the evolutionary flow to be a bipedal, two eyed, ten fingered self aware being that can only breath oxygen and is made up primarily of water but unable to survive submerged in water!

What a fantastical thing. So there is the design god or there is the whimsical gradient descent of evolution. The semi-random trial and error of genetic mutation that accidentally becomes massive experiments in survival! All hail evolution!

No Preconception

Step back from all this. Step back from coming up with some reasonable explanation. Some theory of how this all came to be and why that fits nicely in a 8 min read blog post or in a 250 page best selling pop sci book.

Step back from the two eyed center of the universe and really consider the possibility of humans in the possibility of all possible things that could exist and most likely do.

Consider what could possibly be going on in the 100,000,000,000,000 other stars and galaxies and planets and black holes and multi-verses out there. Consider every other variation of every other thing ever made or dreamed of or accidentally marked out on paper or in a cloud formation.

Consider ALL of that possibility and what all of that possibility could also be considering. Ponder the idle thoughts of a billion billion other social creatures asking why they exist and why they are so alone in the universe or so together or so everything or anything.

Talk to yourself about what it might be like to talk outside of time or in reverse or in any language or to see every possibility. Consider what an alien feels or doesn’t feel. Consider planet full of iron ore creatures bulking and hulking their way around a lifespan that takes eons to unfurl. Paint a picture of a world of a single creature that experiences in 80000 dimensions.

Collapse all this back in to humans and human understanding. What do we know? what do we actually know anything about? Start simply. As simple and common sense as you can get.

What is up and what is down?

What time is it? what time is it 50 miles from me? how is that time oriented? how do others tell time? Experience time? If your mind thinks thoughts faster to you experience more time or less time?