Personal Identity Is the Transactional Unit in Capitalism

The autonomous individual making rational decisions, following or breaking laws, creating or obtaining property, and or becoming property.

Humans Conception

Personal identity is not the pinnacle of awareness or entity actualization or spirituality or whatever other modern psyc perch we want to put it on.

It is a political-economic overlay to cleverly manage human bodies as resources.

It is hard to even consider this possibility or some alternative way in which the world and the human collective might be organized because the personal identity of capitalism (scientism, technocracy as subsets) is so entrenched and shaped in us from the moment of a new humans conception.

Consider the importance we give to naming. Surnames and first names and middle names and nick names. Everyone must have a variety of names in which we begin enfolding the world around. What would you be if you were nameless? Or infinitely named? Contextually names? perhaps you experience that a bit in various virtual spaces. But in the normal nation state/Facebook/corporate reality/blockchain you have a name, a single name, a locus of your credit and blame — of reputation and monetary balances. In the technocratic future the world is giving into everyone as an infinite and immutable ledger attached to them.

Are those in power organized this way? Or do they actually have a plurality of identity they operate in? Ask that about the current president. He actually isn’t accountable to this system. Is putin? Is manafort? Is Jeff bezos? Is zuckerberg?

In the space of possibility in the universe do we actually think this is the most fruitful way of organizing being and experience?